Frequently Asked Questions
How do I find a leak in my products?
Using a spray bottle and soapy solution,thoroughly spray sections of your inflated product watching for bubbles.Make sure to check all values and seams.
How do I repair a pin hole?
Pin holes can be repaired very quickly using either the patch kit you received with your product or by using Air Seal .It take a few minutes for Air Seal to dry completely.
How do I repair a seam separation?
Seams can be repaired easily using our Seam Seal.This repair technique must be dried overnight.
What type of cleaner can I use on my boat?
All products can be cleaned with any mild household cleaner.
How should I store my product when not in use?

All products can be stored easily.Make sure product is clean and dry before packing away to prevent mildew.One Suggestion is to roll up,deflated product and store in canvas duffle bag. If in very cold environment, it is recommended to put the products in a warm place for a few hours before you start to roll it up.

How do you inflate a Boston Value?
Make sure the value is screwed into the value base securely.Unscrew the square top and attach the hose of and inflator,designed for use with PVC products.
Why does my kayak keep going in Circles?
Since inflatable kayaks are very light they are subject to wind and water currents,This can be controlled somewhat by padding close to the kayaks and setting and eliminate some.Another way to help is by purchasing a Skeg we designed to attach under the rear spray cover.This will help the Kayak run straiglter.
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